Voice & Visual

Features and performance levels in voice and visual technologies have advanced significantly in just the last two or three years.  It can be a challenge to sort out the marketing claims, but Eclipse is up to date on which products install easily (whether you are located in California, the North Carolina Research Triangle, or Atlanta), require little maintenance, and help transform how your business runs.


Facilitate spoken communication and improve customer engagement at lower cost (VoIP); protect your people and facilities (Digital Surveillance); use real-time visual interaction (Digital Signage) to advertise and communicate in unique ways to customers and employees; and have smarter, more efficient meetings (Smart Conference Rooms)

  • Full-featured business phone systems

  • Available on-premise or hosted in the cloud

  • Lower your phone bills

  • Disaster recovery

  • Excellent customer service

  • No lock-in, no long-term contract

VOIP Phone Systems

"Our new hosted VoIP system cut our phone bills even as we doubled our international calling."

  • Superior image quality

  • Easy, future-proof integration

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Remote accessibility

  • Distributed intelligence

  • Easy, reliable installation

"We were surprised at the great image quality and features of networked digital video surveillance, compared to our old analog system."

Digital Surveillance

  • Much more cost-effective than traditional print signage

  • Content is easily updated

  • Can incorporate live web content

  • Can include touch for an interactive,  immersive customer experience

  • Reduces printing, paper cost and waste

  • Easy to integrate into your existing network

"We love that we can change our campaigns quickly, and have found that our manufacturers are willing to pay us to advertise on our digital signs!"

Digital Signage

  • Fast, wireless connections to a projector or display

  • No searching for dongles

  • Wirelessly present in the room or from around the world

  • Collaborate

  • Share documents

  • All protected by 256-bit SSL encryption

Smart, Connected Conference Rooms

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