Many companies have conference rooms equipped with a variety of technologies for sharing audio, data, and video. However, this complex environment doesn’t always help with collaboration. The time it takes to configure connections leads to slow meeting starts and frequent interruptions. Businesses are looking for ways to transform the workplace and simplify the meeting experience.


The Solution:  Intel Unite Software and an Eclipse mini PC

Intel Unite software powers secure, connected meeting spaces. Whether workers are sitting around the table or halfway around the world, meetings can get started quickly. This easy-to-use solution improves collaboration for users while simplifying management for IT with powerful Intel technologies.

    • An Eclipse mini PC – The foundation for Intel Unite software is a conference room with a select Intel Core vPro processor-based mini PC connected to your in-room projector or display.

    • Intel Unite app – With the Intel Unite app running on client devices, attendees can connect and interact with meeting content in real time, from any location.



Fast and Simple Meeting Starts

  • Simple, instant connections for meeting attendees on- or off-site.

  • In room. Wireless technology connects to new or existing displays, projectors, or interactive whiteboards via an Intel Core vPro processor-based mini PC and Intel Unite software. No adapters or dongles are required for the presenter/device.

  • Remote location. Instant connectivity via the Intel Unite app running on the user’s device, enabling the user to view and interact with the same content being displayed in the room.

  • Quick and easy transitioning between presenters and devices, whether located in the room or at a remote location.

Seamless Collaboration from Any Location

With Intel Unite software, workers can:


  • Work better together, whether in the same room or on different continents.

  • View up to four screens at the same time on the main conference-room screen.

  • Choose which shared screen to view on a device.

  • Use the pen tool with a touch screen or mouse to highlight great ideas and make suggestions on other people’s screens.

  • Send files and documents right from the app.

How Intel Unite Benefits Users

With an Eclipse mini PC in the conference room and the Intel Unite application on client devices, on-site and remote workers can connect to the meeting quickly and wirelessly.

More Secure Meetings

  • Rotating PIN design ensures that only the people who should attend the meeting can attend.

  • Data is 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted and remains within the corporate network.

  • Guest access is optional and controlled; organizations can decide whether attendees outside of the network can attend.

Smart, Connected Conference Rooms

Intel vPro technology enables remote manageability of all meeting room PCs so IT can:

  • Remotely manage, patch, repair, and access conference-room PCs via an admin portal.

  • Leverage existing management tools, systems, and policies already in place, holding down total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Enable future in-room controls such as lights, speaker phones, cameras, and temperature.

Unite Your People, Solutions and Platforms

  • Intel Unite software connects all workers easily and securely with smart meeting spaces and future capabilities that will build on innovations.

  • Multiple operating system support - Currently supports Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, with additional clients such as the Android platform, the Google Chrome browser, and iOS to be added in the future.

  • Greater choice – Get a single, unified experience when using Intel Unite software with conferencing solutions like Microsoft Lync or Cisco TelePresence, including the ability to choose the hardware, software, and conference-room platform.

How Intel Unite Benefits IT
It's a Better Way to Work


Intel Unite is modernizing today's conference rooms by transforming them into smart, connected spaces, so your employees, vendors and customers can meet and collaborate easier and more efficiently.

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