Big things are in store for your business when you partner with Eclipse to host Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint in the cloud.  You get our 99.999% uptime service-level agreement, 24/7 support, expert migration tools—and data privacy policies that ensure your data NEVER leaves the USA.  Hosted Exchange and SharePoint will make you and your team more productive while keeping your data safe and secure.



Nearly all businesses like you rely on email, but many haven’t addressed new and seemingly unavoidable vulnerabilities, leaving their email at risk.  Here are 5 ways your email could be vulnerable:


  • Unprotected infrastructures

  • Lack of support

  • Natural disasters

  • Cyber threats

  • Lost data


To mitigate the risks inherent in today’s email, your business must embrace a “New Standard” that requires servers to have high reliability, high security and intellectual property protection.  Does your business meet the standard?


  • Unprotected infrastructures

For on-premises deployments, physical security needs to be considered because the facilities where servers are located may be vulnerable. Many businesses don’t think about these risks until their offices are burglarized and their email servers are stolen or damaged. It’s especially risky for regulated businesses because this constitutes a data breach that may result in public disclosure and even fines.


  • Lack of support

Today’s standard requires email to be available 24/7/365.  However, most businesses run lean IT departments and lack the ability to offer 24/7 on-call service.  Unfortunately, when nobody is on-call, this can allow bugs to compound and increase in scale, causing critical security issues or costly downtime.


  • Natural disasters

Natural disasters are unavoidable and most businesses lack the ability to protect themselves against local outages or disasters because the necessary solution is extremely complicated to deploy.  As a result, if a disaster was to strike, they are left to deal with costly downtime and lost data.


  • Cyber threats

Cybercrime is on the rise and as criminals use more sophisticated tactics, email administrators need to find new ways to combat these threats.  The trouble is many businesses don’t have the right infrastructure or resources to keep up with the changes in technology. This could result in stolen data, passwords or worse, millions of dollars.


  • Lost data

Nearly half of all email sent and received today offers some business value to an organization.  But what happens if an employee deletes an email?  Or if someone sues the business?  If emails can’t be found or restored, it could result in permanent loss of data.


For Eclipse customers, using SharePoint as their collaboration platform in a hosted implementation, is the ideal way for users to share, access, and edit content together.


How do you assure your coworkers, customer and partners have access to the latest versions of key documents, contact lists and other information?


Hosted Sharepoint 2013 from Eclipse allows companies to centrally share and update information over the web.  Use it to manage documents, run blogs, create wikis and more.




SharePoint 2013 is designed to increase productivity. Small and mid-size businesses use it to create document storehouses that increase collaboration inside their company – as well as between their company and its partners, vendors and customers.


Your employees – or the third-parties to which you give access – can securely share documents, calendars, contacts, links, ideas and more, without wasting time exchanging inefficient emails.


When integrated with hosted Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint 2013 can also provide an instant, powerful corporate intranet. Use it to:

  • Store documents online. Everyone works off a single, centrally-stored version of all documents, which can be easily opened by using a hyperlink.

  • ‘Check out' files. Lock documents while they are being edited, so no one can overwrite the work of others.

  • Run blogs and wikis. All of your staff can stay in the loop.

  • Manage projects. Create project-specific websites, using built-in task list, calendar and document collaboration features to organize a team around specific tasks and deadlines.


With hosted SharePoint 2013, your staff can benefit from the great collaboration tools SharePoint 2013 has to offer – without the costly hardware and maintenance headaches. Hosted SharePoint 2013 is available as a standalone as well as an integrated addition to hosted Exchange 2013.



Let us answer any questions you have about hosted email and collaboration.

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