January 18, 2016 - Shotgun shooting invitational at Coyote Valley Sporting Clays at 10:00am


Update:  Monday  8:00am - Leave the umbrellas home - bring your sunglasses.  The rain is gone.


Update:  Sunday  6:30pm - We are ON.  Forecast is down to "chance of morning shower" and shows chance of rain drops dramatically after 8:00am.


Update:  Sunday  3:00pm -  Yes, we are ON.


Update:  Sunday  10:45am - We are definitely ON!!!  Light showers forecast for Monday morning, clearing to partly sunny.  Please note:  if you have not shot at this facility before (or been here within the last year), please arrive around 9:30 to register.  See you tomorrow!!  Please call 408-684-8711 if you have any questions.


Update:  Saturday 11:30pm - the forecast now shows showers Monday morning but being mostly gone by 8:00am and clearing to partly sunny later in the day.  I talked to the caterer today and our menu is BBQ tri-tip and chicken, garlic bread, chili and salad.  We are definitely still ON.


Update:  Saturday 9:30am - the forecast is improving for Monday.  It looks like the bulk of the rain from the second storm this weekend will be gone by Sunday night, leaving cloudy to partly cloudy skies on Monday.  We are still ON.  It's looking promising - stay tuned...




The event is currently ON.  However, we are closely watching the weather forecast.  As of Friday morning, San Jose is forecast to receive almost 1 inch of rain on Monday (the heaviest day of the next incoming storm).  We are hoping they're wrong.  If they're right, we're going to have to reschedule the event.  Please check back here over the weekend for updates and we will post a final "GO / NO GO" Sunday at 3:00 pm.


Please feel free to contact Steve Muir at 408-684-8711 or if you have any questions.

    3431 De La Cruz Blvd., Santa Clara, CA  95054