Customer Engagement

Digital signage has evolved to become much more than eye-catching, programmable text and graphics.  It's a dynamic part of the marketing revolution that includes real-time connection with consumers, offering everything from touch-screen interaction to meshing with social-media based shopping and in-store price comparisons. 


Digital signage saves you time and money over traditional static signage, while increasing flexibility and sales for your organization.  Eclipse provides the digital signage hardware, software, and knowledge you need to assemble a highly-effective visual engagement solution. 


Inside your business, engage and inform employees with dynamic digital displays that communicate everything from meeting room schedules to company news, and even emergency notices.

Replace print posters and bulletin boards with bright, colorful, and engaging digital displays to communicate everything from meeting room schedules to company news.

Drive traffic and revenue



Advertise, promote, and broadcast targeted messaging in high-visibility retail locations. Increase customer attraction and influence purchases to drive traffic and revenue.


Increase customer engagement and communicate with guests by delivering real-time messaging such as wayfinding information, and special service promotions.  Deliver premium entertainment and enhance guests’ in-room experience with commercial displays with TV tuners.

Information to Operators

In a typical 24/7 operation control room, video walls are used to share large amounts of information among several operators who make mission-critical decisions.  Super narrow bezel displays are ideal for such multi-screen, tiled installations.


Real-time Messaging


Communicate with students, faculty, and staff—instantly, and across campus.  Broadcast daily communications and send emergency messages across campus within a matter of seconds.

Communicate on Campus


Entice buyers and increase sales in quick service restaurants by utilizing digital menu boards to display menu items, prices, daily specials, and promotional offers.

Increase Sales & Attention


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