Cloud Approach

There is a lot of confusion about "the cloud" today. You have many flavors and options to choose from:  public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions.  If you are uncertain what each of those terms means, you are not alone. Despite that challenge, finding the optimal cloud approach for your business WILL save you money, reduce hassles, and increase uptime, reliability, and performance. 


With hundreds of providers making claims that all sound alike, companies like yours have a real challenge in choosing the right approach. That is where Eclipse comes in.  Our goal is to make sure you get the best cloud solution, without losing time in the process.


We start by listening carefully, to correctly define your requirements. Let us help design the right cloud (or hybrid cloud) solution to ensure you can take full advantage of all the potential benefits. 

  • Replace upfront capital expenditure with modest monthly subscription

  • Stop worrying about availability

  • For both email and groupware

  • Instant collaboration tools, virus protection and anti-spam software

  • No ongoing maintenance costs

Hosted Email/Collaboration

"We outsourced our email hosting to Eclipse and avoided the time and expense of buying a Microsoft Exchange system."

  • Leverage enterprise-grade datacenters for performance, reliability and scale economies that far exceed the reach of on-premise servers

  • Predictable costs, familiar technologies and full control over your cloud environment

  • Automated provisioning, upgrades, firewall and VPN

  • Cost-effective, secure reliable cloud computing infrastructure

"A cloud solution from Eclipse gave our developers a cost-effective test environment for application updates."

Cloud Computing

  • The latest desktop, mobile, and web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (and more) let you provide your employees with the latest technology tools

  • Mobile apps and new features make it easy to edit documents on the go

  • Automatic updates eliminate the hassle of keeping your software up to date

  • Predictable monthly billing rate

Office Apps, powered by Microsoft Office 365, integrated with Office in the Cloud

Office Apps in the Cloud

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